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A week with Reflection PR – The thoughts of a work experience student

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We all know the pressures young people face when choosing their career paths, with so many jobs available entering the working world is a daunting prospect. Here at Reflection PR we’re passionate about offering students a chance to find out what the world of PR and communications is all about which is why in May we welcomed Chloe to the team for some work experience. Read on for her thoughts!

“For a week in May I had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from work experience at the award-winning Reflection PR in Norwich.

As I have just finished my second year of University studying ‘English Language and Journalism’ at De Montfort University, I felt a push of pressure to gain some ‘real world’ job experience as graduation is fast approaching.

I chose Reflection PR because I wanted to expand my knowledge of PR, as I was unsure of certain aspects of the PR world. I enjoy writing on blogs (I have two of my own) and the PR industry has always interested me, especially since I only get to see the journalist side. So, this was a great opportunity for me to learn what happens on the other end of the spectrum.

When I first arrived at Reflection PR my knowledge of PR was quite small, but after spending a week in their office and with the team this has changed dramatically.

In the week I was set a variety of tasks to complete as a team or by myself. Some of those included: researching several media deadlines for upcoming press releases which was done by contacting editors and reading media packs, help create an awards calendar for a client, assist in creating an Instagram plan for Reflection PR and sitting in on an insurance broker client meeting (which was very insightful). This quickly taught me that PR is a lot more involved than what I thought!

Doing these tasks taught me how important it is to research and connect with businesses and learn about their upcoming projects, which allows the team to discuss how they can help them achieve maximum success in their industry. I would have to say that my favourite part of the week was being able to sit in on a client meeting because this made me feel part of the Reflection PR team, and it allowed me to hear the topics discussed in this type of meeting.

The team at Reflection PR is small, but this enables you to work alongside all the team members, including the managing director, Suzy Pettican. All the team members are very kind, and they make up an experienced team who are always on hand to help or answer any questions about the agency or tasks.

I would definitely recommend work experience at Reflection PR to anyone who is looking to gain a fast-paced insight into the PR industry – it was an extremely helpful and knowledgeable week.

This leaves me to say a big thank you to the team at Reflection PR for giving me this opportunity to learn about this professional PR agency in the beautiful heart of Norwich (I will miss that view of the cathedral!).”

We would like to thank Chloe for all of her hard work during her time with us and wish her all the best for whichever career path she chooses.