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Three is the magic PR number

in News

In honour of our third anniversary, we’re looking back at the last three years in PR to see what’s changed over this time.

3One significant transformation is social media.

Did you know:

  • Since 2009, traffic to news sites from social media has increased by 57%  
  • 50% of people have learned about breaking news through social media  
  • 46% of people now get their news online three times a week  
  • As of 2012, online news revenue has surpassed print newspaper revenue  
  • The CIPR launched their social media guidelines in May last year.

This has a big impact on the PR world as agencies need to adapt the way they distribute their press releases and get their clients’ news out to the media. There has also been a massive increase in bloggers with 181 million blogs published in 2011, opening up even more media channels. With more and more people communicating through social media, PR consultants need to maximise the potential social media can have. Look back 10 years ago and no one even knew what social media or blogging was! We are really excited to be at such an evolutionary stage in PR and can’t wait to see what the next three years will bring! So what are the big differences you’ve noticed in PR over the last three years?