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My PR and social media Work Experience at Reflection PR

in PR Careers

University student, Imogen, completed a full-week of work experience with us at Reflection PR and here’s her story telling you all about her experience…

I finally reached the point in my degree which I’d been dreading, the end. It was time to leave the comfort of the library and make some real-life decisions about the next 40 years of my life. No big deal.

Imogen's work experience

When my university advisor suggested a career in PR and communications would suit me down to the ground I wasn’t sure whether to take it as a compliment or not. Nevertheless I took her advice and contacted Suzy Pettican, the Managing Director at Reflection PR. She was kind enough to offer me a work experience placement every Wednesday for five weeks, allowing me to complete a full week without having to miss any of my final lectures.

Arriving in February for my first day, Suzy warned me that I’d arrived at probably the busiest time in the Reflection PR calendar. This worked perfectly for me as it meant that the work I did was varied and gave me plenty of opportunities to sit in on meetings and brainstorms. I was quickly able to appreciate the energy within a PR agency.

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to write blog content for the Reflection website focusing on the Awards division of the company. This was really engaging as it allowed me to explore a side of the agency I didn’t know much about and I found the process of writing a blog fascinating as it’s a part of PR I’ve always been interested in. Seeing my blog published on the website gave me a real sense of achievement.

I was also able to sharpen my press-release writing skills when Suzy challenged me to research and write one for one of Reflection’s new clients. Despite being notoriously difficult to write, Suzy gave me excellent guidance allowing me to get the tone and style of my press-release right.

During my time at Reflection I experienced the fast-paced, varied world of PR. It was an environment I thrived in and enjoyed immensely. I was able to refine my research skills and develop my eye for detail, skills which will be infinitely useful as I continue to pursue a career in PR.

I would like to express my thanks to Suzy, Daniella and Angi for making me feel an important member of the team at Reflection PR. It was not only a beneficial experience but a thoroughly enjoyable one too. I hope our paths cross again as I continue my journey, you haven’t managed to put me off the world of PR just yet!