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Client News: Employee engagement scheme launches to boost business productivity

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With low employee engagement costing the UK £340bn a year, a Norfolk Business Coach has launched a brand new initiative helping East Anglia businesses to improve employee productivity.

Roger Pemberton is one of only seven UK businesses coaches – and the only qualified coach in East Anglia – who was trained by the founder of the ‘Engage & Grow’ programme in Australia. This new twelve week coaching programme helps employees and business owners increase engagement and communication with staff and customers, improves team unity and boosts productivity.

According to an annual * Deloitte report, employee engagement is the most important business essential to be successful.  With the *Hay Group recently revealing that low employee engagement is costing the UK £340bn per year.

Whilst traditional training methods are the least desirable way people want to learn, ‘Engage & Grow’ impacts teams through twelve one hour sessions, with employees and leaders given tasks to increase engagement with key stakeholders.

All courses are individually designed to suit the requirements of the business, with the programme proving extremely effective across 13 countries.

Roger Pemberton, who is part of Action Coach, hopes the engagement programme will take off in the East Anglia area, as it is critical to business success.

“Businesses are facing a time of extreme economic uncertainty and this programme will help employers navigate their way to boost productivity and improve communication with customers. I’m looking forward to improving employee engagement and team unity through this unique programme.” 

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