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UK’s 1st Sensory Beauty Club launches in Norwich

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Skin, body & mood care specialists Palm&Sole is launching the UK’s first Sensory Beauty Club on Thursday 12th October, encouraging customers to experience aromatic hand-blended products at events designed to celebrate beauty at any age.

Award-winning aromatherapist and Palm&Sole creator, Kathy Webb, aims to inspire people to get closer to their products through smell, touch and experience.

Described as ‘a playground for the senses’, the Sensory Beauty Club is an event designed for the ageless generation – the over 35’s market that Kathy feels has been forgotten – to discover aromas and textures to slow down, connect with how they are feeling and take control of what they are putting on their skin.

She says: “The age of the generic, one-size-fits-all product is fading. Customers want quality skincare that works for their personal needs – and they want to know what’s going into their products.”

Two new products will be making their debut appearance at the event:

• The Beauty Serum Cocktail Bar allows customers to choose their one shot, two shot or three shot ingredients for their personalised facial serum: including raw plant oils, intensive botanicals and aromatherapy oils, blended and shaken in front of them

• The VIP Sensory Beauty Box (only available in Norfolk) is also launching as the UK’s first, fully personalised subscription Sensory Beauty Box where customers will experience a consultation to learn about ingredients and receive advice on application tips as well as discounts for future events.

icket price to the Sensory Beauty Club Event is £22 and includes:
• Two glasses of fizz
• Hand-massage with your choice of Palm&Sole Hand & Mood Whip
• A chance to make a product at the Home Beauty Pantry table and take it home
• Explore The Beauty Serum Cocktail Bar: choose & buy a personalised one, two or three shot facial serum, then watch as it’s blend-shaken while you wait
• A Slow Shopping Experience –  new products to explore and buy straight off the shelf, a hand-blend to order bespoke service and information about the VIP Sensory Beauty Boxes and our Christmas Sensory Beauty Club event in December.

Palm&Sole’s Sensory Beauty events kick off initially in Norwich expanding into London and Brighton – regenerating its online experience and moving out from the shop in Norwich Lanes.

Kathy Webb adds; “I am on a mission to encourage people to embrace who they are and to celebrate the things that make us each different.  Great skin is about so much more than what you put on it: it’s about supporting the systems that support our skin.

Moving from the anchor of the shop and hosting these unique, feel-good events allows me to meet more people and be able to adapt quickly to customers’ needs.”

Event details
Tickets available from
What?    Palm and Sole’s Sensory Beauty Launch Evening
When?   12th October, 6:30pm – 9.30pm
Where?  St Giles Hotel, Walnut Room, Norwich, NR2 1JR
Cost?     Tickets cost £22.