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An insight into being Reflection PR’s first Apprentice

in Charity, News, PR Careers

I had been to college, completed my A-levels, travelled the world for a year, working in various countries, returned home, qualified with a degree in Geography and International Development before I found myself deep in limbo during the summer of 2017. No travel plans, no final exams and no dissertation to write. What on earth was I going to do?!

The job hunt began. As they say, it’s a full-time job looking for a full-time job. I can whole-heartedly vouch for this. The search was endless, the applications just as everlasting and the stress comparable to that I experienced on dissertation deadline day.

I must be honest; Public Relations had never, once crossed my mind and I wasn’t entirely sure what it was. A conversation with a regular in my place of work, the local pub, is what drew my attention to the profession.


“You like people?” He asked ‘yes’

“You interested in their stories? Their history? Their plans for the future?” ‘hugely’

“And you like to write creatively?” ‘Definitely’

He looked at me down the pint glass he was sipping on.

‘So why aren’t you working in Public Relations?’


My search had finally been narrowed. Albeit with no professional, previous experience of PR I headed down that route. I discovered the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) immediately upon my Google search. Down the right-hand side of the webpage I saw the word ‘Apprenticeships’. Hang on – could I get paid to learn on the job? I applied. Three interviews and a writing test later and here I am, doing exactly that!

The Apprenticeship route was something I had never considered before. But, having only just been introduced to communications it seemed like a great opportunity. The mix between work and study has been the perfect way for me start my career in Public Relations here at Reflection PR.

My skill set is increasing every day whilst on the job and during my study time. The PRCA has been extremely supportive and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to welcome me in and get me started.

I’ve learnt quickly that the world of PR is a crazy place. However, I have loved every minute so far and I can not wait to continue my journey.